CBD hemp ointments

CBD hemp ointments

CBD hemp ointments are some of the mildest products derived from hemp. Combining the extract with additives such as Shea butter or beeswax, for example, produces a form that is pleasant to apply, fragrant and has excellent properties.

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The cannabidiol contained in hemp ointments has exactly the same properties as that in CBD oils or CBD pastes, and the caring additives protect and nourish the skin. The CBD is extracted with CO2 from the highest quality plant material. Hempmont hemp ointments in their composition have the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes - that is, all the compounds contained in hemp seed.

All Hempmont products, including CBD hemp ointments, undergo full testing by independent laboratories and are certified for specific analyses. Each product is tested for microbiological and heavy metal contamination. Hempmont CBD products are 100% natural and legal, containing no synthetic additives.

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