How to store CBD oil?

how to store cbd oils

It is not only because of the unique properties of CBD that it is worth knowing how to store CBD oils properly. They are also not cheap, so everyone huffs and puffs about those tiny bottles with the precious contents. So it would be a shame to spill the beneficial contents just because you didn't know how to CBD oils stored skilfully so that they do not lose their properties. 

Can CBD oil go bad?

Exactly like any other food or supplement, CBD oils also have their expiry dates. Fortunately, in the case of CBD oils, you really have to forget about them for a very long time for them to spoil. Of course, only if they are stored correctly. Putting the bottle in the sun will quickly deprive the oil of its beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. This will leave us with an oil to drink, which may not harm us, but will not help us either.

How to store CBD oils properly

The basic rule for storing CBD oil is that it should be placed in a dark place at room temperature. That is, in a cupboard, cabinet or drawer. The principle is therefore exactly the same as for cooking oils. This is because CBD is dissolved in a carrier oil, such as hemp oil. It is therefore stored in exactly the same way as olive oil or hemp seed oil, in a place without access to light.

Storage rules for CBD oil:

  • do not expose to sunlight,
  • avoid proximity to heat sources,
  • ensure that the packaging is always kept tightly closed.

Placing CBG oil close to even an oven will make it lose its properties, as both cannabinoids and terpenes will be degraded. Terpenes, in particular, do not tolerate high temperatures and are a very important component of CBD oils, as they enhance the positive therapeutic effects of cannabidiol on the body. 

Access of air to the bottle will simply cause the CBD oil to start to air out, thus disturbing the chemical profile of the cannabinoids. This can lead to a change in the properties of the oil and a different effect on the body than desired. 

Leaking packaging can also result in contamination of the substance. In extreme cases, the bottle may even develop mould as a result of unsealing.

Can CBD oil be stored in the fridge

Yes, CBD oil can be stored in the fridge as long as the temperature is not too cold. This is because it can cause a change in consistency and make CBD oils difficult to use. Properly stored in the fridge, CBD oil can even extend its life. 

Most often, however, it is used up so quickly that a dark cupboard or drawer and sufficient distance from the heat source are enough for the CBD oil to retain all its beneficial properties. 

Can CBD oil be frozen

When you hit a super promotion and buy a larger quantity of CBD oil, which is enough to last for more than a year, then you can freeze some of it. However, it is important that CBD oils intended for freezing are factory-sealed. This is because if we freeze the oils in bottles that have already received air, freezing them will most likely lead to the breakdown of the cannabinoids which will change the chemical composition of the substance. 

How long can CBD oil be kept

If stored correctly, CBD oil can wait up to a year to be used. The colour of the liquid can also be an indicator of shelf life. As the oil expires, its colour changes to a darker colour. This is slightly more difficult to grasp for oils with high concentrations, as they are already quite dark. 

If you buy and consume CBD oils on an ongoing basis, properly stored CBD oil will not lose its value. When, on the other hand, we make a large stock, it is a good idea to store the CBD oil in the fridge or even freeze it. More often than not, however, there is no need for this, as Hempmont CBD oils are available on a regular basis and promotions are such a frequent occurrence that you can always buy the oil at a very attractive price.



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