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CBD, namely cannabidiol is one of many organic compounds found in hemp seed oil. Right next to the popular THC, it is one of the most studied substances for hemp's health-promoting properties.

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As many studies and experiences have shown, regular intake of the correct dose CBD oil has numerous benefits for humans and other mammals. For example, cannabidiol has proven to have a soothing effect on joint disorders, Alzheimer's disease, skin inflammation, anxiety and phobias. CBD oil is also a good aid in the treatment of insomnia, depression, cancer, mental illness and even diabetes.

Hempmont's CBD shop offers high quality hemp oils in various concentrations: 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%. However, the highest cannabidiol content is characterised by CBD pastes - Their concentration can be as high as 70%. CBD oils The Hempmont brand is divided into series: Classic, Apex® and RAW. They differ in CO2 extraction technology and Hempmont RAW oil is not processed or filtered in any way. Such a diverse range allows customers to choose the most optimal option for themselves.

Hempmont also produces other hemp oils. CBG oils containing cannabigerol and CBN oilswhich the second active substance is cannabinol. These oils also contain the previously mentioned cannabidiol, or CBD, which means that these preparations are combined - they contain 2,5% CBG or CBN and 2,5% CBD. This combination influences a good rest, has an anti-stress, soothing, sleeping and anti-depressive effect.

Plants from which we obtain raw material for the production of oils in the shop Hempmont CBD comes from legal and monitored cultivationThe oils, pastes and ointments offered in our shop are completely natural and safe, and do not contain synthetic CBD. The oils, pastes and ointments offered in our shop are fully natural and safe, do not contain synthetic CBD, and are free from microbiological and heavy metal contamination. Each batch is analysed and tested, as well as certified by independent and accredited laboratories. All documents are available on the product page.

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