RAW series

RAW series oils

CBD oils Hempmont RAW brand products are 100% natural, raw, unprocessed and unfiltered in any way. In contrast to purified oils, they have a clearly perceptible bitterness. Extracted by CO2 extraction, without the use of additional chemicals or solvents.

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RAW oils contain plant waxes and chlorophylls, as well as numerous phytosubstances found in hemp. Nevertheless each batch of oils CBD RAW is tested and analysed by professional independent laboratories. Certificates of analysis are issued for the highest quality products.

RAW Hempmont hemp oils are products that contain mainly cannabidiol (CBD), but they do have a so-called "CBD" in their composition. full spectrum of substances found in these plants, including CBN, CBA or CBG, as well as flavonoids, terpenes and trace elements and vitamins. No synthetic CBD is used in Hempmont products. Products containing cannabinoids are widely used in the ancillary treatment and symptom relief of many diseases and conditions.

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