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CBD dosage calculator

The following is available calculatorwho will help you choose depending on your needs - relevant  dose of cannabidiol, for CBD oils purchased Hempmont®. This is a calculator provided by an external company that bases its calculations on hundreds of studies and publications. Once the dosage has been obtained, the next table provides a conversion factor for the designated dose, with which you convert the indicated milligrams of CBD into drops of the product in question.


CannaWax Hempmont 5% CBD

Initial daily dosage, for the first week: 0 mg CBD.

This is the preferred first contact dose for most users struggling with their chosen ailment. It is recommended to start with this dose and use it for 7 days. It is best to spread the dose over 3 parts per day. If there is no improvement in symptoms, use the dosage recommendations below.

Increased dosage following the initial dose: 0 mg CBD.

Recommended target dose. This dose is the fixed dose for many users in this condition. However, if there is no improvement in symptoms, the next dosage recommendation below may be used.

Increased dosage in case symptoms persist: 0 MG CBD.

Increasing the dose should be used after about 7 days if symptoms still have not improved. It is recommended to use CBD in equal doses.

Choose the right oil for you!

In the next table, you will convert the selected dose into the correct number of drops of CBD oil purchased. And if you haven't bought one yet, or don't know which oil to buy, click the button below and take a test to help you choose the right product - and then come back here.

Conversion of mg / CBD per drop.

Number of drops to be used to get the indicated dose of CBD: 0 kropli

The number of millilitres to be used to obtain the indicated dose of CBD: 0 ml

Did you know?

CBD oils are not created equal. It is worth using oils only that have a number of studiesboth with regard to the declared concentration and the absence of the presence of harmful pesticides, heavy metals whether mushroomswhich are very easy to occur in poorly stored plant material. Hempmont® hemp oils, meet all of the above standards and are comprehensively tested by third parties so that you can be sure you are using a qualitatively impeccable product.

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