IsoPure Series

IsoPure Series oils

Hemp oils CBD Hempmont's IsoPure series are characterized by a high naturalness factorThey have a narrow spectrum of cannabinoids in their composition. IsoPure oils are products the highest possible quality, completely naturalThe product is free from production contaminants and, above all, is safe for the human body.

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Extraction of Hempmont IsoPure oils is done without solvents, using CO2 technology. The final product is completely devoid of THC and other cannabinoids and hemp compounds.

Hempmont CBD oils do not contain synthetically produced cannabidiol. The substances found in the oils are 100% of natural origin. The hemp crops from which the plant material for the oils and other hemp products is extracted are constantly monitored and controlled. No pesticides, herbicides or plant material derived from GMOs is used during the production process. Each batch is subjected to laboratory analysis and a certificate of such analysis is obtained.

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