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What CBD oil samples can you get?

Below you will find samples of our products available for order. Please note that you can only purchase one item of a kind. If you would like to receive a sample at a discount of -80%, please sign up for our newsletter and you will receive a discount code to your email address to order samples.

Sustainable development

Quality and trust

As a company, our aim from the beginning has been to provide high quality products at affordable prices. All the products we offer are sustainably produced and safe for the consumer to use. 

Organic certification

Hempmont RAW 20% CBD

This is the most natural concentration among our hemp oils with a full spectrum of phytosubstances. One drop contains 10 mg of CBD and other full spectrum hemp compounds! RAW oil is a completely raw product, unfiltered and has chlorophylls and waxes. There are approximately 40 drops of oil in a 2 ml bottle.

Each customer is entitled to purchase one sample and the discount code cannot be combined with other codes.

Check out the analysis of Hempmont RAW 20% CBD!

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