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How it is made our high quality
CBD oil?

One plant, dozens of solutions, hundreds of substances.

As the only ones in Poland we give our customers such a wide choice, up to 12 hemp oils tailored to your individual needs. We are also the only company in Europe to have available for sale Hempmont Apeks® hemp extractextracted with the world's best CO2 esterator, Apeks Supercritical®.

For many, the question of how the CBD oils they wish to purchase are made is an important one. It is no secret that a significant proportion of the products available on the market do not meet their completely understandable expectations . With Hempmont you can be sure that you are using the best legal hemp product available in the world.

Top quality

The future.

If you were to reflect, what qualities of the product are most important to you, you would describe all the characteristics with which Hempmont hemp oilsModern extraction or Classic. Fully transparent oil or RAW. Full spectrum or isolated CBD. Unique CBN oils, not available anywhere else.There isn't a user of hemp products who won't find the right product for them with us.

We know what the expectations of the user of hemp products are, especially those of extracts such as CBD Oils. We have opted to shorten the chain of intermediaries as much as possible to minimise margins. We have done away with external contractors, except for the necessary certification. Everything to provide a product that is innovative, affordable but of the highest quality.


Bottling plant with HACCP/ GMP

All our CBD oils are bottled under sterile conditions, according to the HACCP system


Pesticides cannot be hidden. If a manufacturer does not test his product for pesticides such as glyphosate or heavy metals, you can be sure that they are present in the product.

Low Retail Price

By shortening the sales network and direct distribution, Hempmont can offer CBD, CBG or CBN oils at a sensational price for the end user - without the margins of middlemen and outsourcing.

Hemp oils

CBD oils used to combat ailments

Innovation on a global scale, trusted solutions.

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