Hemp wax, ointment 5% CBD, Hempmont CannaWax, 10 grams

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Hempmont CannaWax 5% hemp wax, is 100% natural hemp extract in wax form, with full spectrum cannabinoids and 5% CBD content. With the addition of shea butter and beeswax. Extracted by CO2 extraction, from the highest quality hemp. Certified product.

The product contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, including CBDA, CBDV, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBGA

The concentration of CBD is 5%, the 10 gram pack contains a minimum of 500 mg of CBD.

Original and certified product.

For whom? For all
CBD content per pack: 500 mg / 10 grams
Form: Wax, grease

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Hempmont CannaWax

A 10 gram pack of natural, concentrated full spectrum hemp wax with a minimum of 500 mg of cannabidiol per pack. Hempmont CannaWax 5%, is an all-natural hemp extract in wax form, with full spectrum cannabinoids and 5% CBD content. With the addition of shea butter and beeswax.

Ointments based on this raw material are used to protect and care for the skin. The product deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. Due to its regenerative properties of skin cells and epidermis, it is recommended for people with dermatological problems. The product is very efficient, thanks to which it will serve for several months, depending on its application.

A three-ingredient natural product, creating a unique combination

Hemp flower extract

It is a source of valuable CBD and CBDa acid. These compounds have many unique properties. These cannabinoids stimulate CB2 receptors, which are located, among others, in some parts of the immune system and the cells of fibrous tissue, of which the skin is mainly composed. It is important to mention that stimulation of these receptors is a real tool in the fight against skin problems. A series of consecutive reactions indirectly leads to induction of apoptosis death of cancer cells, which can be helpful in treatment of various skin cancers, including melanoma. There are also other nerve endings in the described part of the skin, which are influenced by cannabinoids - they are able to eliminate abnormal, pathological pain signals. CBD and CBDa perfectly regulates the vitality of the skin and capillaries. Applying cannabinoids to the skin reduces its roughness and restores its radiance. It should also be added that it has a beneficial effect on dilating and bursting capillaries - prevents spider veins and reduces the flushed skin tone. CBD is also excellent as a powerful antioxidant. It prevents skin ageing and reduces wrinkles.

Shea butter

A product that liquefies at human body temperature. It lubricates incredibly well and improves the firmness of the skin, while at the same time forming a protective layer on sensitive or pathologically altered skin (e.g. ulcers). In addition to exceptional fatty acids, shea butter has a wealth of sterols. Plant sterols combine with sugars to form glycosides, which are substances with protective properties and are also used as medicines.


By itself, it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As we know, these properties are essential in fighting bacterial infections on injured skin. Beeswax, creates a protective barrier, retaining moisture in our skin without clogging pores. In addition, beeswax contains vitamins, especially vitamin A. Scientific publications show that vitamin A protects against age spots or wrinkles, while moisturising and regenerating damaged skin cells.


CBD/A hemp ointment based on our raw material, is mainly used for:

  • eczema,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • acne,
  • smallpox,
  • rashes and allergies,
  • warts, warts,
  • broken capillaries (vascular skin),
  • reducing wrinkles,
  • inhibiting the ageing process of skin cells,
  • Reducing scars after operations,
  • wound healing,
  • all types of skin ulcers,
  • muscle and joint pains,
  • inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints,
  • relaxes muscle tension,
  • healing of the skin after tattooing,
  • hyperhidrosis.

Key product features:

  • examined by accredited laboratories
  • extra concentrated CBD wax 5%
  • completely natural, no artificial additives
  • extracted without the use of chemical solvents
  • ideal for use as an additive or as a stand-alone product
  • may be used as an additive in cosmetics
  • CBD 500 mg

Hempmont natural hemp extracts are a wealth of at least several hundred substances found in hemp, with a wide range of uses.

Properties of CBD

Cannabidiol is one of the most important active substances found in medical marijuana and hemp. It has a very broad spectrum of effects. Of the more than 500 active substances found in hemp, CBD has the most health-promoting properties.
The product can be used as an all-rounder, without worrying about perception or altered consciousness. Unlike THC, cannabidiol (CBD) has no side effects and is not addictive. It is scientifically proven that this cannabinoid has a huge number of positive properties, which are helpful in the healing process as well as during sport or work.

The Hempmont CBD extract used in this product is made from hemp seed, which is grown without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Each of our products is laboratory tested, free from contaminants such as heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants such as bacteria and fungi.

The product does not contain synthetic CBD.


Natural hemp extract with 5% CBD, shea butter, beeswax.


Package capacity: 10 grams
Content: min. 990 mg CBD
Expiry date: minimum 12 months


The raw material can serve as a natural additive to the cosmetics used or be used on its own.

The preparation is not intended for children younger than 1 year of age. Do not apply in the case of hypersensitivity to any of the preparation ingredients.

4 reviews for Wosk konopny, maść 5% CBD, Hempmont CannaWax, 10 gram

  1. Marcin -

    It moisturised and lubricated well the dry areas caused by Hashimoto's disease- I particularly had problems with my elbows, which were already starting to look very unsightly.

  2. Natalia -

    It helped with my child's allergy-induced skin lesions. It moisturised beautifully and reduced inflammation. I recommend it with a clear conscience.

  3. monique -

    prime ointment for azs lesions

  4. Beata -

    Sensational! An intense, natural fragrance. A great product and, most importantly, without preservatives.

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