CBD oil and asthmaHemp and health

CBD oil and asthma - can CBD oil alleviate asthma symptoms

Asthma is an extremely troublesome chronic airway disease. It is like a sinusoid, episodes of wheezing, shortness of breath, cough and chest tightness intensify and then disappear. The disease affects as many as four million Poles and, although it does not cause death directly, if poorly treated it systematically worsens the condition, which, in consequence, may even lead to death. Asthma - treatment Asthma is like a permanent inflammation of the respiratory tract and most often affects the bronchi. Symptoms in the form of coughing and shortness of breath make life very difficult, as they often ...
CBD oils and panic attacksHemp and health

CBD oils and panic attacks

The world around us is rushing forward, and we are trying to catch up with it. We chase and chase, and when it gets too far away, we get anxious. We take a break from this chase, we come home and it's another world that doesn't always let us catch our breath. And again stress. And again anxiety. Living under stress is the scourge of our times. If we can't control it, if we can't de-stress to gain distance, small anxieties turn into bigger and bigger ones. Until finally we find out what ...
CBD oil and depressionHemp and health

CBD oil for depression

Depression is from the Latin depressio 'depth' from deprimere 'to crush', telling, right? According to the World Health Organisation, depression is the fourth most serious illness affecting people worldwide. Around 350 million people suffer from depression. That is more than live in the entire United States. Deep sadness, depression, low self-esteem, loss of interests, feelings of guilt, pessimism, lack of joy that a healthy person derives from life, anxiety, concentration disorders, disturbances of the daily rhythm (insomnia or excessive sleepiness) and often also suicidal thoughts - with such problems, that is ...