Hemp in sport

physical training vs cbdHemp and health

Physical training and CBD oils

Physical exertion, whether it is gym workout, running, swimming or cycling is essential for the body. It improves physical condition, awakens endorphins and makes the body more efficient. Therefore, everyone who cares about health should train. However, training, especially intensive training, is often the cause of muscle pain or other ailments. This is where CBD can come to the rescue. The properties of cannabidiol are starting to be known more and more widely, also to amateur trainers and athletes. Therefore, nothing ...
does cbd cause side effectsHemp and health

Does CBD cause side effects?

The popularity of CBD oils continues to grow as more and more patients discover their beneficial effects on the body. These properties are confirmed by scientific research. The list of therapeutic effects of cannabidiol is long and growing. Many scientists have confirmed that CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, supports the treatment of insomnia, has a positive effect on people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, psychosis or stress. It is written about its positive effects on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. And at the same time, unlike THC, which is found in marijuana, there is no ...
Best ways to deal with stressHemp and health

Best ways to deal with stress

Stress, or mental tension, is a psychological state, a dynamic reaction in a situation of threat, difficulty or inability to act or to achieve a goal. In medical nomenclature, it is called a disturbance of homeostasis, which is caused by a psychological or physical factor. Strategies for fighting stress Generally, it is the case that every person tries to cope with stress in some way. Reactions can be very different. Some people show anger, others try to relieve it by exercising, others find it helpful to pray, forget more or less deliberately or ask others for help and advice. Folkman, ...

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