Physical training and CBD oils

physical training vs cbd

Physical exertion, whether it is gym training, running, swimming or cycling is essential for the body. It improves fitness, awakens endorphins and makes the body more fit. This is why everyone who cares about their health should train. However, training, especially fairly intense training, is often the cause of at least muscle pain or causes other ailments. This is where CBD can come to the rescue. The properties of cannabidiol are starting to become more widely known, including for amateur trainers and also for athletes. It is therefore no surprise that they are attracting increasing interest among people who love physical exercise. It is therefore worth getting to know hemp seed oils more closely, in the context of precisely physical activity, and finding out how they are able to support workouts.

CBD and sporting activities

CBD oils have entered the lives of athletes and those who train as amateurs with great impetus. All because the beneficial effects of the natural substances found in the inflorescences of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) could not go unnoticed in the world of sport either. It is well known that sport, especially competitive sport, involves the exploitation of the body to a great extent. It is therefore hardly surprising that people in training turn to innovative solutions to regenerate their bodies faster and more effectively. 

The use of cannabidiol has very many benefits for the body, and scientists are still discovering new ones. Here, however, we will focus only on those properties that can support the body after strenuous exercise.

CBD oil as training support

Cannabidiol, a natural substance extracted from cannabis, can be an excellent support for daily hard training or just physical activity for amateurs. And it does this both during training and by having a regenerative effect on the body afterwards. And it has a positive effect not only on the body, but also on the mind. Cannabidiol is an excellent alternative to pharmacological painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Not only is it effective, but it has no ailment-causing side effects.

CBD oils are increasingly becoming an indispensable companion to training, both amateur and professional, because:
  • have analgesic properties,
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • reduce muscle tension,
  • increase stamina,
  • support both joints and muscles,
  • reduce stress,
  • reduce post-workout fatigue,
  • regulate blood sugar levels,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • stimulate bone-forming cells and, in the case of fractures, accelerate bone fusion,
  • relax and unwind,
  • improve the quality of sleep. 

CBD oil and the regeneration of body and spirit

It is above all the muscles that feel the effects of intensive training the most. Especially those who have trained too intensively know this. So-called soreness can be a real pain. During intensive training, muscles are micro-damaged, which results in inflammation. We already know about the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol. But taking CBD oil allows the fibres to rebuild more easily, making the muscle tissue recover faster. This in turn also relieves inflammation and the soreness subsides much more quickly.

Another property of CBD that is useful for sports practitioners is the ability of cannabidiol to lower cortisol levels. And this level rises significantly when the body is under stressors. High levels of this hormone are particularly harmful for athletes and bodybuilders, as they can lead to hypertension, but also to loss of muscle mass. This is why it is a good idea to use CBD oils, as these, by reducing cortisol, increase the quality of training and provide the opportunity to intensify it.

CBD oil has the ability to regulate insulin levels. As a result, it can counteract the onset of insulin resistance, which causes an increase in body fat while inhibiting muscle development. The systematic use of cannabidiol helps to take care of proper carbohydrate metabolism, which is crucial for optimal results during training.

A study has been published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, which shows that CBD may have the effect of accelerating fracture healing and stimulating cells that rebuild bones. The study, which was carried out on rats, says that after eight weeks of taking cannabidiol, the bones significantly strengthened their biochemical properties and their strength. This is particularly important for athletes who participate in sports associated with frequent injuries, including fractures. 

And finally, after a hard workout, a sound, sound sleep is essential to promote recovery. However, it is not always possible for a tired body to indulge in blissful sleep. This is also where cannabidiol comes to the rescue. Research results clearly show that CBD not only makes it easier to fall asleep, but also has the effect of improving the quality of sleep. And a strong and healthy sleep is very important for the regeneration of muscles, for example.

People who are physically active and do sports as amateurs, but also professional athletes, need additional support for the body and appropriate supplementation, whether to improve performance or recovery. It is therefore worth including cannabidiol in the form of at least CBD oil in the diet to naturally support the body during training and regenerate afterwards.


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