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cbd and eczema

When red papules appear on the skin and begin to spread, itch and burn, this indicates eczema, or atopic eczema, which is an inflammatory condition of the skin. The development of eczema is usually triggered by contact with a specific allergen, as the condition usually accompanies an allergy. Eczema is caused by inflammation forming in the skin.

Eczema also has other names, namely atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema. It is a chronic and unfortunately recurrent disease, but it is not contagious and cannot be contracted. However, for the person affected by eczema, it is an extremely troublesome ailment. The affected area continues to itch and burn. It starts trivially with redness, which, however, over time changes into blisters, exudates and then scabs.

Causes of the appearance of eczema

There are basically two causes for the appearance of eczema:
  • exogenous - it is caused by an external factor to which a particular person is sensitive,
  • endogenous - it is caused by internal factors, such as an abnormal response of the immune system to a substance.
In the first case, it is contact eczema and lesions appear in areas that have been in direct contact with the allergen. It is very often an occupational disease in people who come into daily contact with, for example, chemicals (lubricants, paints, liquids). 

But in everyday life, too, one can come across a wide variety of allergens, which are sometimes not even thought to be the cause of eczema. These include toothpaste, face cream or other cosmetics. But the onset of atopic dermatitis can also be caused by medications, rubber parts of clothing, clothing itself (especially synthetic clothing), metal parts of belts or an ordinary wristwatch.  

If contact with the allergen persists over a prolonged period of time, symptoms can last for years, with temporary improvements in skin condition or interruptions. The fact that eczema persists for so long is also due to genes, in the second case. This is because the body gives off abnormala narrow response from the immune system to even the smallest doses of allergens. 

People who suffer from eczema have an innate tendency to have excessively dry skin and to suffer from allergies. Unfortunately, such skin is not a strong enough barrier against irritants entering the skin from the environment. Atopic dermatitis can start in an infant and pass with age, but it can also make life miserable until its end. 

Cannabinoids support in the treatment of eczema

Skin contact with the allergen results in an inflammatory reaction. This is why the initial redness eventually turns into sores. This is why one way of dealing with atopic dermatitis is to administer anti-inflammatory drugs, because the inflammatory process is quietened. 

And this is why cannabinoids can be extremely useful in the treatment of eczema. This is because scientific studies show that they have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They not only inhibit the inflammatory process, but also prevent inflammation from occurring. Many scientific studies carried out have proven that they have immunosuppressive effects (immunosuppression involves slowing down the process by which antibodies and immune cells are produced). This is why plant cannabinoids have the power to reduce inflammation by 'quieting' it. 

Hemp ointment in the treatment of atopic dermatitis

In response to contact with the allergen, the skin first turns red and then blisters form on the surface. It often bursts deeply and causes penetrating pain in addition to itching. At the same time, it looks very unsightly. 

So, if we don't want to cause such a condition, a topically applied hemp paste will work well as soon as the redness appears. It should have no problem quelling inflammation, as it will have an immunosuppressive effect. In addition, it will begin to neutralise the itching, which will prevent the site of eczema from becoming inflamed and, consequently, wounds. Studies suggest that the cannabinoids in hemp ointment help the skin to produce fatty substances, among other things, which significantly accelerates the healing of wounds. 

In addition, skin weakened by eczema shows increased sensitivity and susceptibility to secondary infections. This aggravates the already existing inflammation, leading to even larger wounds. The cannabidiol (CBD) contained in hemp ointment has not only anti-inflammatory properties, but also antioxidant properties, i.e. considerable potential prantioxidant. This gives the skin a chance to protect itself from free radicals, which often aggravate the dermatitis caused by eczema. 

When you add to this the ability of cannabinoids to relieve itching, hemp ointment can prove to be the salvation for many in the fight against atopic dermatitis. This is because hemp ointment should have a comprehensive effect, simultaneously calming inflammation, relieving itching and bringing the locally affected skin into good condition.

How to use hemp ointment on the skin

Hemp ointment, exactly like any other newly applied ointment, should first be applied topically, on a small area of skin. Then observe if there are any adverse reactions, although there shouldn't be, as it is a completely natural product. If nothing happens, a thin layer of the ointment can be applied to all affected areas. Hemp ointment applied to the skin has a topical effect. 

The ointment formula also provides relief from conditions of excessive dryness of the skin, so it is worth using it prophylactically, thus building a stronger epidermis that will be able to resist allergens in the future. The use of hemp ointment also helps to moisturise and lubricate the skin, eliminating the feeling of tightness.

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