Is CBD oil suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Is CBD oil suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Both vegetarianism and veganism are the deliberate and conscious exclusion of meat as well as meat products from the daily diet and, in the case of veganism, the complete elimination of animal products. Someone who has changed their way of living and eating always already reads labels and checks that there is nothing in the products they buy that they do not want to eat or use. This applies not only to food, but also to medicines and supplements. 

And it is the supplements that are an important part of the diet of people who stop supplying the body with the ingredients it has hitherto supplied with meat and animal products. As a plant-based product, CBD oil is fully vegan. And why should both vegetarians and vegans use it? On this below.

Vegetarianism vs. veganism

Vegetarians are restricted to stop eating animals, including fish, seafood and insects. But yes, fish is also meat, although many believe that vegetarians eat fish. They don't. 

Vegans, on the other hand, go much further. Not only do they not eat meat, but also any products that come from animals, such as milk, eggs, roe, but also those that are the product of animal labour, such as honey. 

This is why, especially vegans, look closely not only at the recipe of a product, but also want to know how it was made. This applies not only to food, but also to clothing or cosmetics. 

The industry is beginning to recognise that veganism is becoming more popular, so the labelling on food products, clothing, cosmetics, medicines or supplements is richer in information important for vegetarians and vegans. 

Adhering to the principles of vegetarianism or veganism is not easy, but more and more producers are taking the trouble to produce items that do not come from animals.  

What is CBD 

CBD is a cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp seed. Unlike THC, which is contained in cannabis (marijuana), it is not psychoactive and is completely legal in Poland. Admittedly, there is THC present in CBD oil, but this is a trace amount (up to 0.2%), which does not cause psychoactive effects, but enhances the positive effects of CBD on the body. 

Research on the cannabinoid shows its versatility and positive effects on the human body. It has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, improves the quality of sleep, aids coping with stress or anxiety. One could go on for a long time. The cannabinoid is available in many forms. In dried form, oils, pastes or creams. 

Is CBD oil vegan?

As mentioned in the introduction - the cannabinoid is as vegan as possible. Firstly because it is a product of plant origin, i.e. it is a vegan product, and secondly the process that the plant goes through to become CBD oil at the end does not change this. 

There are three main methods of CBD extraction:

  • The use of cooking oil, e.g. olive oil - this can even be done at home, but the result is an oil with a low cannabinoid content, which in addition spoils quite quickly.
  • The use of liquid solvents - gives good results in terms of a valuable product, but it is a rather dangerous process.
  • The use of supercritical CO2 extraction - this is an industrial method, the most popular and allows the highest quality product to be obtained. It uses a combination of high pressure and carbon dioxide to naturally release pure cannabidiol, which is then combined with a carrier (plant oil) to create a specific concentration. 

It is therefore clear that both the product itself and the processing are 100% vegan. Indeed, at no stage is it combined with ingredients of animal origin. 

Hempmont oils are extracted entirely by supercritical and subcritical extraction, using carbon dioxide.

CBD oil is a product that not only can, but should, be used by vegetarians and vegans. And not because there is something wrong with someone, but as a supplement to their daily diet.

CBD oils - benefits of use for vegetarians and vegans

The use of CBD oil carries many benefits for the body. Leaving aside completely the issues of their health-promoting and therapeutic properties, they are also full of beneficial substances for the body. Particularly for vegetarians and vegans, this is important, as in a plant-based diet some ingredients are simply missing and need to be supplemented. 

The spectrum of substances contained in CBD oils is extremely broad. Starting with the wealth of plant proteins, making the cannabinoid an unparalleled source of amino acids. It also has B vitamins in its composition, which give the body energy, increase cognitive function and influence metabolism. CBD oil is also considered an excellent antioxidant. This is because research has shown that the structure of CBD contains a free oxygen atom. This is the atom that is transferred to free radicals, neutralising them. It is this free oxygen atom that makes CBD have antioxidant properties. 

But that's not all. Many people become vegetarians or vegans overnight, depriving their bodies of many nutrients. It always takes a while to be able to use the right plants in the diet to meet these needs. Therefore, it is good to use at this time CBD oilswhich contain significant amounts of iron, which, together with vitamin B12, the body often starts to lack. 

Yes, CBD oil has power and it is good to use it not only as a panacea for many diseases and ailments, but also preventively and as a supplement to the daily diet.

How to introduce CBD oil into vegetarian and vegan diets

CBD oil should be introduced into the diet gradually, starting with lower concentrations or smaller doses. Over time, the amount of drops applied can be increased while observing the body's reaction. CBD oil does not cause severe side effects. Diarrhoea can be the most troublesome, but it is sufficient to reduce the dose and again gradually increase it. This cannabidiol is considered safe. 

It is best absorbed applied under the tongue and held there for about 2 minutes. It can also be added to food, provided this is accompanied by fats. Then there is a chance of its greater absorption. 


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