Which CBD oil is best? Market research

which cbd oil is best

Which CBD oil is best and which oil to choose?

About 2 months ago, in July 2021, the association Free Hemp, decided to carry out comprehensive research on CBD products available in PolandThe company's website will be used to analyse, among other things, the compliance of the content with the declared concentration, or the THC level of the product.

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As the Free Hemp Association, we undertook to test 23 CBD oils on the Polish market in two laboratories. We selected some of the most popular ones, widely recommended online, as well as those whose ranges seem to be a little smaller.


Twenty-three CBD oils from the Polish market were sent for testing, including, as it turns out. also our Hempmont oil. What is certainly worth noting is that practically all the competing oils tested were within the margin of measurement error - relative to the manufacturer's declaration. Independent testing of a product purchased from the free market It is also worth noting that the oils we buy are also very good at demonstrating what is actually in them. What is also worth noting is that the concentration of CBD in the tested Hempmont 10% oil is as high as ~13%which is probably the best result in the field.

Preventing suggestions, of course, research were not sponsored in any way, we also did not send products for testing where we could deliberately prepare a sample specifically for this. To be honest, we only found out about this study today, even though it was conducted over 2 months ago 🙂

In the link below full file with broad cannabinoid analysis availablewhere you can see which products are isolate products and which are full spectrum products. It is worth using this when choosing a product for yourself or asking which CBD oil do you recommend 🙂


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Which CBD oil to choose?

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