Does CBD oil cure cancer? Facts & Myths

Does CBD oil cure cancer

Does CBD oil cure cancer? Facts & Myths

Medicinal marijuana, as well as products containing cannabidiol - such as CBD oils - are increasingly being used to treat cancer. The ancillary effect, complementary to traditional therapies, is pointed out by doctors and research centres from all over the world. We do not yet have complete data that considers all aspects of CBD's effects, but The results of clinical studies are very promising.

CBD oils in cancer treatment - why did they start being used?

Cancer is in any case a very heavy burden on the body. Its condition is also worsened by traditional treatment, in particular chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which kill healthy body cells in addition to cancerous ones. CBD oils are therefore often used as an aid to weaken the side effects of therapy and to strengthen the body in general. CBD properties that are particularly valuable for cancer patients include:

  • stimulation of the body's immune system;
  • relief of chronic pain;
  • strong anti-inflammatory effect;
  • antiemetic effect;
  • well-being-enhancing effect.


... properties have been studied by many centres. It should be noted that almost all of them have, to a greater or lesser extent, proved the truth of the hypotheses put forward by scientists ...

Research into the cancer-causing properties of CBD - what scientific evidence do we have?

Although research into the effects of CBD on cancer has been conducted for a relatively short time, it is now gaining ground. This has been influenced primarily by the promising results available to date. Much evidence has shown that the use of CBD has multiple effects, including:

  • leads to apoptosis, i.e. the death of cancer cells;
  • prevents cell division;
  • prevents metastasis;
  • inhibits the transformation of cancer cells into tumours.

The above characteristics have been studied by many centres. It should be noted that almost all of them to a greater or lesser extent have proven the truth of the hypotheses put forward by scientists.

Here are some of them:

  • Journal of Pancreatic Cancer, 2019. research looked at the effects of CBD oils on the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer cells. It has been shown that CBD use can lead to cancer cell death.
  • University of East Anglia, 2015. high doses of CBD have been observed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, thereby preventing metastasis.
  • Oncotarget organisation, 2019 The effects of CBD oils were studied on patients with brain glioma. Based on the results, it can be concluded that CBD makes cancer cells more susceptible to radiotherapy.
  • Research published by Phytomedicine, 2014. results from a colorectal cancer model indicate that CBD may have a significant effect on the spread of cancer cells.


However, it is important to remember that the effectiveness of treatment methods is primarily confirmed statistically. Excellent effects of CBD oils in oncology patients occurred in many patients, but this was still too small a group to be transferable to the general population. The results of small group studies - even if they are exceptionally good - cannot be used as the basis for conclusive statements. Many years of complex analyses and observations are still needed for this. So it cannot be said with certainty that CBD cures cancer. 

Under no circumstances should it replace basic therapy. However, clinical practice shows that it is often used by oncologists to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and improve patients' quality of life.

Which CBD oil to choose?

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