CBD oils and muscle spasticity

Muscle spasticity is, along with stiffness and dystonia, the most common complaint causing increased muscle tension. Depending on the severity of the condition, spasticity restricts daily motor function to a greater or lesser extent and is often the cause of pain and muscular-articular contractures. This ailment is not a disease in itself, but the result of various illnesses, manifesting itself as excessively tense muscles. 

In treatment, it is important to diagnose spasticity quickly and to start fighting it so that it does not develop too much. Untreated spasticity in the upper and lower limbs can lead to advanced contractures and irreversible changes in the skeletal and musculoskeletal system of the affected area of the body.

Ways of treating muscle spasticity

Spasticity often accompanies cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases, such as Huntington's chorea or leukodystrophy. It is also very common after a stroke or strokes.

Treatment involves pharmacological agents and intensive rehabilitation, but cannabis in various forms, such as CBD oils, is also worthwhile.which are increasingly used in various therapies.

This extremely unpleasant condition is caused by an imbalance between the impulses that are responsible for stimulating muscle activity and those that inhibit it. The lesions occur simultaneously in the muscles and in the brain, which perpetuates them over time. If spasticity is not diagnosed and treated, daily life becomes increasingly difficult, especially when the spasticity affects a large group of muscles.

Therefore, the sooner spasticity rehabilitation is coordinated, the better the chances of improving motor function, especially of the hands and walking. In addition, pain is reduced and the extent of contractures decreases. This is because rehabilitation, i.e. motor exercises and other forms of improvement (physiotherapy treatments: e.g. ergotherapy, art therapy and sociotherapy), is one method of treating this condition. 

Pharmacology, i.e. drugs administered orally or intramuscularly, is also used. Neurosurgery is also performed, during which inhibitory or excitatory stimulators are implanted. Orthopaedic surgery, on the other hand, is a way of lengthening tendon attachments and also reconstructing bone lesions.

In the treatment of muscle spasticity it is also worthwhile to use CBD oilswhich exhibit, among other things, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxant effects.

CBD oils and muscle spasticity

  • Reduction of muscle tension

For example, benzodiazepine drugs are used for muscular tension conditions, which act via GABA receptors, a key regulator of muscle relaxation. However, taking strong pharmacological agents always carries the risk of side effects. 

In contrast, CBD and other cannabinoids have similar effects on GAPA as benzodiazepines, except that they do not have significant side effects. Hence, the usefulness of CBD oils in the therapy provided for muscle spasticity may arise. However, before using CBD oil as a muscle tension reliever that, incidentally, reduces pain levels, it is imperative to consult a healthcare practitioner. Admittedly, side effects of CBD oil are rare and insignificant, but cannabidiol does have an effect on some of the medications used. For example, it can potentiate, weaken or delay their effects.

  • Pain relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) is considered to be a preparation that relieves pain, and as we know, muscle spasticity is often associated with nagging pain. Therefore, it is worth using CBD oils in muscle spasticity, to at least relieve pain. Studies show that CBD has the ability to inhibit the transmission of pain in the brain, but also in the spinal cord, additionally prevents and reduces inflammation arising in the muscles and also reduces the body's sensitivity to pain, as it acts on vanilloid receptors. 

  • Helps muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

Muscles damaged by spasticity, in which inflammation forms, among other things, require regeneration. And this can only happen if these inflammations are at least reduced. The results of studies on the effects of CBD on the body are unequivocal in this regard - CBD oils have anti-inflammatory properties. And this is another reason why cannabidiol can be extremely helpful for patients suffering from muscle spasticity.

  • Healthy, sound sleep as support for muscle recovery

Muscle spasticity sometimes makes it very difficult both to fall asleep and to sleep without being constantly awakened all night. And it is during sleep, among other things, that muscle regeneration takes place. Studies on rats showed that giving the animals CBD resulted in an increase in overall sleep time and improved their ability to fall asleep.

And this is another reason to include in the treatment process CBD oil as an aid to treating the ailment itself, such as muscle spasticity, but also as a support in relieving pain, reducing inflammation or ensuring a strong, soothing sleep.


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