CBD oil and impotence

Erectile problems are definitely one of the body's most embarrassing dysfunctionswhen it comes to men. They often cause a significant lowering of self-esteem, which can even lead to depression. Unfortunately, today's pace of life is not conducive to solving sexual problems and even exacerbates them. Instead of immediately reaching for traditional erectile enhancers from the drugstore, why not try something that works on our entire body while eliminating bed problems? This begs the question, when erection problems arise, is it worth reaching for CBD oil for impotence? Does CBD oil work for erections? 

CBD oil and impotence

Impotence is a syndrome of erectile dysfunction that results in the failure to maintain the erect penis, which is necessary for intercourse despite achieving sexual arousal. The main problem faced by men suffering from impotence is also the lack of ejaculation. Such isolated episodes are completely normal at any age and should not be worried about. They do not yet signify a chronic disease, but if they occur regularly and significantly reduce the quality of life, some action should undoubtedly be taken to return to full sexual performance.

Although impotence is mainly experienced by men over 50 years of age (statistically 50% men between 40-70 years of age), the pace of our time has meant that it is also starting to affect younger people. It is caused by abnormal blood flow, resulting in a lack of or incomplete erection. Although there are several causes of impotence, the majority of cases have a psychological basis for the condition, particularly factors such as chronic stress, a complicated life situation, a new partner, complexes or other past traumas. Other physical causes are also worth looking into, such as heart disease, diabetes or long-term and regular use of stimulants. Does CBD oil help with erections?

CBD oil for erections

CBD, as one of the most well-known cannabinoids, has numerous medicinal properties. Due to its non-toxicity, it can be used on a regular and long-term basis, which has been proven in numerous studies. Other research models have also confirmed its effects, among others:

  • neuroprotective, 
  • antioxidant,
  • antipsychotics, 
  • analgesic, 
  • anti-anxiety,
  • relaxing,
  • anti-inflammatory.

All these properties are due to the activation of the corresponding receptors in our body, which are found in every human system, such as the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is for this reason that CBD, by acting on the whole body, is able to deal with most ailments that the human body may suffer from. The receptors that CBD activates are distributed throughout the body, which is why we can classify the use of this cannabinoid as holistic. And such a holistic approach can help with impotence problems, as it will not only eliminate the problem itself, but also get to the cause of the problem and present its comprehensive action there.

CBD oil for impotence 

In a 2014-1019 study on the generalised effects of CBD on the human body, 2% of the subjects suffered from sexual dysfunction in the broadest sense. More than half of the study group stated that there were positive changes in terms of libido or erectile dysfunction. This could be due to the relaxed state achieved or the holistic effect of CBD on the whole body.

CBD oil for stress

If your erection problems are psychological, this is where CBD oil for erections can certainly come in. This cannabinoid is famous for its anti-anxiety, calming or relaxing effects. It is also great for dealing with chronic stress, which can cause impotence. It maintains the normal function of serotonin 5HT1A receptors, known as the happy hormone. It can be said, in a rather simplistic way, that the more the body is saturated with CBD, the more serotonin is in the synapses. CBD binds to its receptors, indirectly increasing its production and 'ejection'. 

CBD oil for sleep

It is also excellent for sleep, making it longer and calmer. A good, deep sleep helps to manage stress and recovery, which has a positive effect on erections.

CBD oil for blood pressure

CBD also supports the cardiovascular system, which certainly has an impact on sexual performance, which is dependent on proper blood flow. It lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow, which was confirmed by American scientists in 2017.

It is worth reaching for proven CBD oils for impotence. They are safe, non-toxic and provide holistic effects. A lot of research is still in the pre-clinical phase, but there is a lot of interest in the topic among researchers, so we can expect new reports on this issue soon.

When looking for the best CBD oil for impotence It is worth paying attention to the origin of the product, the certificates it has for the presence of heavy metals, mould or fungi. A proven CBD oil for erections should also have a declared CBD content in the bottle, confirmed by research. 




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