After how long does CBD produce effects and how long does CBD oil last and how long to use it

how long it takes for cbd to have an effect

You start taking CBD oils and wondering when they will start to work? And how long will they last and how long will they take to apply? There are no clear-cut answers to these questions. It depends on several factors. CBD oils certainly start to work immediately, but the effects are not always noticeable. Sometimes, in order to feel their positive effects, you have to be patient. Below, we explain how CBD works on the body and when and what effects you can expect when taking it.

CBD - what it is and what properties it has

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most studied cannabinoid after THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, of which a total of 113 have so far been discovered in cannabis. And scientists have no doubt about its positive effects on the body. And they have already discovered, are still discovering and documenting more and more of these positive properties. 

This positive effect occurs because the human body contains the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining a state of homeostasis, i.e. the body's internal balance. If, on the other hand, even inflammation occurs, this balance is disturbed. This is where cannabidiol comes in, as it is a natural, plant-derived counterpart to the neurotransmitters found in the human body and is part of the endocannabinoid system. That's it in a nutshell. 

But it is already extremely difficult to write in a nutshell about the positive properties of CBD oils. For there are a whole host of them. Some more thoroughly, others somewhat less well researched and documented. But scientific research on CBD is being carried out all over the world, so we are gaining a better understanding of the properties and effects of cannabidiol on the body. We will only mention some, but key ones:

  • anti-inflammatory properties - has the ability to inhibit the inflammatory process, combating inflammation but also preventing it from occurring;
  • analgesic propertiesCBD oil can be used both internally and externally, as it has the ability to relieve pain throughout the body;
  • neuroactive and neuroprotective - influences the regeneration of nerve cells in the body, stimulates the nervous system and thus alleviates and even combats neurodegenerative and mental disorders, in addition to having a relaxing and antispastic effect;
  • antipsychotic properties - has calming and relaxing properties, calms, facilitates falling asleep and ensures a restful sleep, reduces stress;
  • antiemetic properties - reduces nausea and vomiting and is therefore used by people after chemotherapy,
  • antioxidant properties - slows and prevents cellular ageing by reducing oxidative stress, while supporting the body's natural defence mechanisms and protecting against free radicals;
  • anti-allergic properties - alleviates or even eliminates allergy symptoms;
  • dermatological - accelerates wound healing, rejuvenates the epidermis and combats skin diseases.
  • support of the immune system- recent studies have confirmed the presence of CB1 receptors in this particular system, with which CBD interacts

There's a lot of it, and these are just a selection of cannabidiol's properties. And it looks like there are many more discoveries to come regarding the properties of CBD. 

CBD oil - when it has an effect
There is no simple and clear-cut answer here. It all depends on the organism and the condition. Some people notice an improvement in their mood, calmness and tranquillity and are relaxed after just the first application. Others need to use cannabidiol for a longer period of time, gradually increasing the dose to notice its effects. But just because you don't feel the effects of CBD oil for a while doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase the dosage by trial and error in order to reach a level where we feel an improvement in our wellbeing and health. The key to success is to carefully and skilfully observe your organism. Therefore, do not be discouraged at first, give your body time to get to know the new factor, bearing in mind that everyone is different and it is wrong to suggest doses or actions from family or friends.
At the same time, it is important to know that CBD oil cannot be fatally overdosed and the use of even large doses does not cause significant side effects. These may include lowered blood pressure, drowsiness or dry mouth. Therefore, if a dose is too high for the body and discomfort is felt, it is sufficient to reduce the dosage and gradually increase it again. 

How long does CBD oil last? 

And here there is no single answer, because how long CBD oil lasts depends on something. And it depends, for example, on the concentration of CBD oil, our body weight, our age and the condition we are facing. 

Fortunately, Hempmont on its website has CBD dosage calculatorwhich will not only indicate how many milligrams should be taken for a specific condition, but will also convert them into drops. However, this calculator should also be used as a guide and not as an oracle. And by observing your own body's reactions, adjust the dosage.

It is a good idea to start with lower concentrations and ingest the drops 3 times a day for a week, observing the body's reactions, and after 7 days increase the dose or add another one and so on until you start to feel an improvement in your health. 

The rule of thumb is that the higher the concentration, the fewer drops you should take, because there will then be more milligrams of cannabidiol per drop. So by buying an oil with a higher concentration, we will simply have it for longer. E.g. 3 drops of 10% Hempmont CBD oil is equivalent to one drop of 30% Hempmont oil.

Worth mentioning Hempmont oils because of their increased capacity - we have as much as 12ml in each bottle product with the right concentration, they therefore last much longer than other brands' 10ml oils - the conclusion is that Hempmont oils provide approx. 20% longer use!

How long to use CBD oil

And here, too, there is no clear answer.

CBD oil is not addictive and cannot be overdosed, so these are already serious indications that it can be used safely for a long time. 

As it should be used in the prevention of many diseases, it would seem that it can be used for years. But the scientific world has not yet answered the question of how long to use CBD oil, so even at this point, it should be noted that careful observation of one's own body is necessary. This is because everything related to CBD oil is some kind of framework, guidelines and signposts among which one should navigate, and doses of CBD oil should be chosen intuitively and react to the information that the body gives us. 

Some people take CBD oils for a few months or so, or even a year or two without concern, and then take a break. It may be worth it anyway, to see how we will feel after we stop taking cannabidiol. You should always observe your body.

On the other hand, if you have a problem listening to your body, it is always worth consulting a specialist. Although the use of CBD oil does not generally have any significant side effects, combining it with certain medicines can cause these medicines to have an altered effect. It is also important to maintain an interval of at least a few hours between the medication you are taking and the intake of the oil. Also, if you are taking medication, it is essential to consult a specialist to find out whether these particular medications will be affected by cannabidiol.

Most importantly, it is also important to remember to choose an oil that is safe to use. Such a product must be free, in addition to the manufacturer's declared concentration:

  • from pesticides and their residues
  • from heavy metals
  • from fungi and moulds
  • other microbiological traces

And that's exactly what Hempmont oils are, whose composition is confirmed by research. After all, we take oils to improve our wellbeing and health, which is why it is so important that such issues are confirmed in 100%.


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4 komentarzy

  1. 12 February 2023 21:28

    I have been using these oils for a long time now, about a year continuously, and I have not seen any side effects. It works as it did at the beginning of use.

  2. 5 February 2023 11:53

    I agree with the above reviews. I suffer from epilepsy and the 30% oil Apeks series helps me a lot, I take it 3 times a day.

  3. 31 January 2023 18:40
    Catherine O

    I came across this site by chance and became a regular customer. I too chose these oils for my grandfather in support of his cancer treatment. It's important to look for pure oils without mould in such a serious illness. Best regards and good health

  4. 28 November 2022 11:08
    Wladyslaw Ryniak

    I have been taking CBD 1000mg since 03.2021 at 0.25ml sublingually, only in the morning. I will now start taking at night. I am being treated for oncology. I have no side effects. Greetings.


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