How to choose a proven CBD oil? What should I pay attention to?

How to choose proven CBD oil

The craze for CBD oils and other such products is fully understandable. Plenty of scientific evidence proves their effectiveness in many fields. However, like any boom, the CBD boom has its side effects. There are trusted producers on the market, as well as those hoping to make a quick buck without offering quality and safety in return. How to find yourself in all this?

What are the characteristics of CBD oils?

CBD oils should be all-natural products containing one of the most common cannabinoids found in hemp, cannabidiol. This compound, known as CBD, unlike THC extracted from marijuana, has no narcotic effects and virtually no side effects. In addition, the cultivation of hemp is fully legal and not subject to strict controls. This convenience means that we cannot always be sure that CBD oil is safe. It is also important to remember that the risk will not come from their properties, but from the way they are produced.

Which CBD oil to choose?

Here are some features to look out for:

... the most decent one is carbon dioxide extraction, which is safe for the body and extremely efficient ...

#1. Manufacturer

How to check such a manufacturer? As products containing CBD are sold as dietary supplements, food items or cosmetics, there is no inventory or "white list". And while trusted retailers certainly deplore this, we have to rely on ourselves in this matter. However, it is possible to look at how a particular manufacturer presents itself. In its favour, for example, is the fact that it does not hide any information - which crops the hemp comes from, what the extraction method is, whether the products are certified and thus free of heavy metals and other harmful substances. Hempmont's oils have up-to-date tests, which are publicly available on the card of each product.

#2. Place of cultivation

Why is the place of cultivation so important when it comes to CBD oils? Hemp is a very graceful plant, also when it comes to farming. We can say that it has no requirements in terms of soil quality and can also be grown on class IV and V soils. This is undoubtedly an easy and cheap way to obtain a large quantity of the plant and thus make a good profit. The problem, however, lies in the subsequent quality of such hemp. The oil extracted from them can be contaminated, and this is no longer acceptable. The biomass used to produce Hempmont's oils comes from Lithuania and Italy. All qualified material is carefully checked for contaminants and heavy metals before contracting.

#3. Method of extraction

The three most common extraction methods are the oil method, the alcohol method and the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The oil method is safe but not very efficient. Alcohol extraction can achieve about 80% efficiency, but on the other hand it is necessary to filter the obtained preparation. An additional disadvantage is that solvent residues may remain in the final product after such extraction. By far the most desirable is the extraction with carbon dioxide, safe for the body and extremely efficient. It is estimated that it "extracts" as much as 95% of valuable substances from hemp. Hempmont CBD oils, are extracted using CO2 extraction.

#4. Full spectrum products

Cannabidiol is just one of the valuable cannabinoids that cannabis contains. Although CBD is the most popular and best known, others also have valuable properties. Trusted producers also inform about the proportions in which these substances are contained in CBD oil. These include cannabidiol acid, cannabichromene or cannabidivarin. It is worth paying attention to whether this composition is listed. This indicates that the manufacturer takes its responsibilities seriously and conscientiously. All Hempmont CBD Oils, are full spectrum products.

It's so little, right? That's all it takes to choose your best CBD oil.


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