CBD oil for animals - the story of the elephant from the Warsaw zoo

CBD in the Warsaw zoo

As is well known, elephants are very sensitive and empathetic animals that are vulnerable to stress and even the slightest changes in their environment. In addition to the lockdown introduced in March 2020, which has clearly left its mark on the delicate psyche of the Warsaw elephants, they have also experienced a huge loss in the herd - the leader has passed away. Through the death of a herd member, especially the herd leader, these animals suffer tremendously and just despair can simply kill them. This definitely has an adverse effect on their psyche; they can take months or even years to recover from such trauma. As with humans, depression can be fatal in elephants. The two youngest elephants, Fredzia and Buba, have been the hardest hit. The herd now has to reorganise the hierarchy, which is undoubtedly stressful for the youngest ones in particular. It is a long process, which has a negative impact on Fredzia in particular, which is why she is first it was decided to administer CBDin order to at least minimally restore the joy of living.

CBD stimulates the receptors responsible for the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are so necessary for the body's normal functioning


Fearing for their health and even their lives, carers decided to experimental CBD therapy. They administer the oil directly into the mouth and with the food, and at the same time the faeces, saliva and blood of the animals will be tested to determine the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the aforementioned samples. In this way, it can be determined whether the use of CBD is having the desired effect.

CBD stimulates the receptors responsible for the production of serotonin and dopamine, so much needed for the proper functioning of the body, which helps to cope in the face of a traumatic event and alleviates symptoms of depression and reduces feelings of anxiety. It improves the quality of sleep, which also has a positive effect on the body.

The experiment started in 2020 and is expected to last two years, so we will know the results as early as this year! If successful, it will continue in other animals, including rhinos and bears. We will keep you posted! We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Source: https://www.national-geographic.pl/artykul/slonica-fredzia-dostanie-olej-z-konopii-eksperyment-w-warszawskim-zoo

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  1. 10 January 2022 11:08

    Interesting, I'm curious to see how the experiment ends, I wonder how big doses such a giant animal must have received for the therapy to be effective? It's a pity they don't report on this anywhere!


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