CBD oil and menopause

cbd oil and menopause

Menopause (menopause, menopause) biologically marks the end of a woman's reproductive capacity and is a natural physiological process. And although it occurs at different ages, it cannot be stopped. The menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Approximately one third of women do not feel any effects of the menopause, unfortunately the majority experience many unpleasant discomforts. Therefore, they start looking for ways to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Pharmaceuticals help, but take a toll on the bodyMany women are therefore looking for natural ways to alleviate their symptoms during this difficult period. This is where CBD oil

Living with the menopause

The menopause brings with it many bothersome discomforts. Among the most troublesome include sudden hot flashes and increased sweating. This is caused by a decrease in the production of oestrogens, which results in thermoregulatory and vascular disturbances, causing sudden changes in body temperature, which occur most often in the upper part of the body. Temperature rises suddenly, even by several degrees in a short period of timewhich can cause a feeling of weakness, even fainting combined with heavy sweating. When it comes at night, it additionally results in sleep disturbances.

But these are not all the complaints that accompany the menopause. Often, there are also the so-called palpitations, dizziness, but also nervousness, feelings of depression, insomnia, vaginal dryness, which among other things significantly reduces libido and even depressive states.

CBD oils an alternative to pharmacology?

Most women experience intense symptoms of the onset of menopause. Hot flashes during the day and night severely destabilise daily life and often significantly reduce quality of life. To cope with menopause, women often start using hormone replacement therapy (HTZ) or other available medical services.

During menopause, estrogen deficiency occurs, hence the unpleasant discomforts and often the need for HTZ. However, hormone therapy carries many risks and not all women can use it. Contraindications include thromboembolic disease, liver failure or sickle cell anaemia. But also age. The use of HTZ after the age of 60 is inadvisable due to the high risk of embolisms and clots, especially in overweight women. Poorly combined hormone therapy can result in breast and ovarian cancer.

Therefore, more and more women are starting to use alternative treatments, if only from natural medicine. There are already therapies available using medical cannabis (available by prescription, under constant medical supervision) and CBD oils (available to the public, without a prescription). Admittedly, the use of CBD oils during the menopause is still a novelty, but studies show that it is a good direction, in addition to being an all-natural direction.

CBD oil an alternative to pharmacology?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from fibre hemp. Unlike HTC, which is also a cannabinoid, it is non-psychoactive and completely legal in Poland. Thanks to the fact that CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system by stimulating enzymes and receptors, it influences certain processes in the human body. No, CBD will not abolish menopause, it is a process that is part of a woman's life. But it is a different matter to offset the unpleasant symptoms that menopause brings with it. This is where CBD can step in with all its beneficial spectrum of action.

Research into the effects of CBD on menopausal symptoms has been conducted at the University of Albany, among others. A group of women used CBD oil for a period of time over the course of a year and shared their feelings in a questionnaire indicating which ailments the oil had a positive effect on and what did not change.

Particularly positive impacts were felt in the areas of:

Hot flashes

Research confirms that endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA), which is responsible in the human body for activating cannabinoid receptors, influences the human brain's ability to regulate body temperature. Unfortunately, it is quickly broken down, due to the action of an enzyme called FAAH. How does it relate to menopausal symptoms? To hot flashes it has as much as possible, as this symptom indicates the body's inability to regulate sudden spikes in temperature. And this is where CBD oil. It will not be a temperature regulator, but it will significantly block the production of FAAH. The anandamide will then take care, according to its role, of temperature regulation.


Another serious risk that accompanies the menopause is osteoporosis, i.e. loss of bone density. There is a strong correlation between estrogen levels and osteoporosis, which is why the disease most often affects women. Research is being conducted into the effects of CBD on bone density and strengthening. Human studies have not yet been conducted, but in vitro experiments are showing promising results.

Pain complaints

Menopausal women also experience various types of pain, which is also due to a drop in oestrogen levels. These include headaches, joint pain, breast tenderness or pain during sexual intercourse. And although there are as yet no research results with regard to the pain that results from the menopause process, then there is already a wealth of research on the effects of CBD on other types of pain. And here there is no doubt that CBD relieves pain. This is also how the women rated the effect of CBD oil in the survey they conducted.

Sleep disorders

Hot flashes, general irritability, mood changes, perceived tension and anxiety and often depression, result in serious sleep disturbances. Studies have shown, as we wrote above, that CBD has the effect of increasing anandamide levels. And the levels of this endocannabinoid, in turn, have a direct link to sleep and have an impact on the levelling of anxiety and restlessness, which is why using CBD can work wonders when it comes to insomnia.

The use of CBD oil, however, had no effect on bladder problems or vaginal dryness.

To use or not to use CBD oils in menopause?

The answer is simple. It is certainly worth checking how it works on a particular body. Of course, it is important to choose the right dose and to use it for a longer period of time, as CBD oil does not work immediately after the first use. Further research is certainly needed into the effects of the specific CBD oil on the symptoms of menopause, but many women are already declaring that the use of CBD oil has significantly helped them through this difficult period.

It is important to realise that menopause is a natural process, not a disease. There is no cure for the process itself, and no one will probably find a cure for eternal youth for a long time to come. On the other hand, it is possible and necessary to alleviate the symptoms in order to improve, for example, one's well-being and comfort of life. CBD can improve this comfort in many cases, supporting both body and mind.


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